The Islamic State put a captured Jordanian pilot in a metal cage, poured gasoline all over him, set him on fire and filmed it. They then released the video to the world, showing how bad they were. What they DIDN’T think of was what little, poor, broke Jordan would think about it. Jordan’s king is totally pissed about it. He’s declared war on ISIS and says that they will fight until the last round has been sent downrange. ISIS MIGHT want to be concerned that burning the pilot alive was a very bad idea. You see, King Abdulla II is also a military pilot who today led an attack on ISIS:
Oh, he also rides a Harley Davidson:
He is married to Queen Rania who is of Palestinian origin.
Now this is a totally hot Queen:
He was trained at Sandhurst, the esteemed British Royal Military Academy. He is specifically qualified in special warfare and has ensured that Jordan has the best equipped and most highly trained special warfare troops in the region AND he is a qualified jumpmaster:
The King it seems leads from the front:

Their guy is pretty impressive.

Here's our guy: